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Home Delivery

  1. DRIVER’S LICENSE CONFIRMATION - Our associate will ask you to send a selfie with your driver’s license.
  2. VEHICLE SANITATION - We’ll unload the vehicle and use sanitizing wipes on the keys, shifter, and steering wheel. We’ll then leave the paperwork with a pen and keys inside the car.
  3. CUSTOMER CALL - Once the car is ready, we will transport it to you and give you a call to let you know that you can take a look.
  4. DOCUMENT REVIEW - After you’re finished with your test drive, we’ll call to walk you through signing your documents
  5. ENVELOPE COLLECTION - Once your paperwork is signed, we’ll ask you to place it in the envelope, along with any titles or checks, if applicable, in a secure spot for us to collect.
  6. PURCHASE COMPLETION - once everything is good to go, we’ll complete the purchase in our system and give you a call to say thanks!
  7. PAPERWORK REVIEW - And last, we’ll review the paperwork for accuracy from inside the hauler before returning to the dealership.

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